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Kip melamine kikoy branded trays, bowls and plates

melaKOY is the New Name in ‘Melamine Tableware’ created by KIP Melamine Co. Ltd. This is the first of its kind Melamine Tableware product embedded with actual Kikoy cloth to create a unique, stylish and practical accessory.

ThePicnic Hamper:
The Wicker Picnic Basket is entirely hand-made and varnished for protection. It is partitioned with a set of hand-stitched movable high-density foam partitions covered with Kikoy cloth to give it the authentic Kenyan look. The 18 pieces of Kikoy Tableware in the Basket are the first of their kind in the world. They are made locally (Kenya) by KIP Melamine Company who are in the process of patenting their unique technique that renders this beautiful product. The Hamper itself comes wrapped in an authentic Kikoy as part of the packing.

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